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Moving Tips

Hazardous Items: Do not pack hazardous material i.e. flammable items, garden machines not drained of petrol, paints, solvents, aerosol products, gas containers, or poisonous household products. Check with your moving company first as to whether it can be transported in the moving truck or not. List boxes as well as furniture and garage items Hazardous Get rid of items you don't need or haven't used in a year before movers arrive.

Valuable items: Keep all valuables with you at all times. i.e. money, passports, jewelry, certificates, coin collections etc should be kept in your possession.

Essential items: Pack a small box or a strong bag with essential items you will need to see you through until the moving is over. i.e. toiletries, spare change of clothes, snacks, towels, plastic cups, tea and coffee, toys for the kids etc.

Note: Parking In some areas parking can be an issue for the movers, check to see if you will need to have special parking instructions on your moving day.

Plan ahead: Notify carrier as soon as you know dates, preferably 2-3 weeks prior to move. Confirm dates and services to be performed with your move coordinator. Make a list of items in other locations. Donate unwanted items to a charity or local shelter. Provide phone numbers at destination including motels, new home, cell phone and work.

Special items: List boxes as well as furniture and garage items. Make a list of items that will need special handling. This includes glass table tops, marble tops, taxidermy and heavy mirrors or pictures that may need wood crating. Do not have the phone disconnected at origin until after the house is empty. Communication is important!

Pets - If you take your pets in your car remember to take along Food, Water, A leash for letting your pet out of the car, and Newspaper or sheets to keep your car clean. Animals can get car-sick and will require frequent stops along the way. Be sure to check if your destination has any local requirements or restrictions on animals.

Furniture: Self assembly furniture isn't designed to be flattened, moved and reassembled more than once, so usually isn't covered within the insurance policy that the moving companies offer. Most of the time this type of furniture will not go back together perfectly after a move.

Be organized and thorough: Save time and money by giving away or selling items you no longer need, want or have use for. Now is a good time to de-clutter your home.

Donate your unwanted Items Save yourself some time and money while preparing for your move. Consider donating your unwanted items to a local church or charity. This may prove to be a good way to de-clutter while being cost effective and charitable at the same time. Call your local charity service center and donate to a great cause.

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This is the first time anyone moved me and cared about the little things. The movers were so polite and your staff listened to my every concern. The best part was when you called during the move to make sure everything was going as planned. Sometimes I can get a little particular, but I felt you really catered to me and wanted to just say thank you! ---J. Washington

Thanks so much VIP Moving for making my move easy as can be. It just seem effortless and overall a really pleasant experience. ---- Joyce Dunbar

I decided to just “give you a try” a few years ago and was really impressed with your dedication and care. Four moves later, you have never disappointed. Keep up the good work! ---Shelly Buchanan

Your movers were such professionals. They took care of everything down to making sure my plants didn’t lose an extra leaf. It was so amazing. Thanks for letting me know people still care and respect my belongings. After spending all day with them, they were like family. --- Lydia K.


You guys did an excellent job in moving us to Austin. Moving to a new city was stressful in itself, but you were extremely friendly and knowledgeable and saved us a lot to time with terrific planning. Our family is grateful to know we have the extra time to do what matters most, spending time with each other. ---Timothy Barrow

Wow. Hands down your guys are the best! After almost 1,500 miles of driving, everything arrived safely and the guys show up with a smile on their face. It was such a pleasure working with them. --- J. Pavlo


The crew was so efficient and respectful. You had our office up and running in no time. It was back to work on Monday as usual. Thanks for the smooth set to make sure every little detail was covered. Thanks VIP, it was a pleasure and we really did feel like we were the “VIPs”. ---Pamela Brooks

This is the third major office relocation I’ve been involved with and by far, your team made it much easier. I was amazed that the crew went to great lengths to ensure there was no furniture damage and they did a great job protecting the new building as well. ---Robert Bellinger


I imagined it would be an overwhelming experience to move to another county. I was immediately put to ease after speaking to your relocation manager who assured me she would handle everything at origin and destination including securing all the documentation. She was knowledgeable and answered all of my questions and was just a phone call away. Let her and the crew know that we appreciate everything. It made a huge difference for us. ----Alard Dubois

It is simply priceless to move from one continent to the next with access to professional, knowledgeable move coordinators. I was given regular updates regarding my shipment and everything arrived as scheduled. --- Maria S.

A successful move is a well planned move. From the very first phone call to moving your family into your new home; We leave no details to chance. From the free, no obligation in home estimate - to pad wrapping everything in your home for 100% protection of your belongings. Our trained professional movers will not only protect your personal belonging but your home will also be completely protected. You can count on VIP Moving Service to provide you with a turn-key stress free move.
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